Non-member deposit accessed via CU Capital Market Solutions’ exclusive program for Low-Income Designated Credit Unions

OVERLAND PARK, KS (August 17, 2016) — Low-Income Designated Credit Unions can now receive non-member deposits through a funding program provided exclusively by CU Capital Market Solutions, LLC (CMS). This program is specifically designed for maximum ease and utilizes existing NCUA “pass-through insurance” regulations.

The Atlanta-based CUSO launched the program on August 8. The first non-member deposit of $5 million was received by Jefferson Financial Credit Union of Metairie, La.

CU Capital Market Solutions facilitated the deposit through its access to the institutional cash market. “It marks the first time credit unions have had access to a funding source of this kind,” according to CEO Lew Lester.

Jefferson Financial received the lump sum deposit of $5 million at an attractive cost with no additional fees or collateral required. Jefferson Financials CEO Mark Rosa explained that “this funding marks the beginning of a new, dependable source of non-member deposits that Jefferson Financial intends to access to fund targeted asset growth. The credit union industry has long needed this funding ability and now we have it. It’s good for the institution good for the industry and good for the investors.”

Robert Colvin, president and chief strategist at CU Capital Market Solutions pointed out that once the initial account is opened, deposits are available to Low-Income Designated Credit Unions with a phone call to the CU Capital Markets Solutions funding desk. There are currently no fees to access the program and no long term commitment. Deposits received can be redeemed at any time with no penalty to the credit union that accesses the funding.

CU Capital Market Solutions believes this program will assist eligible credit unions of all sizes in their strategic planning. Credit unions now have an efficient, reliable and proactive way to manage their balance sheet without depending solely on member deposit growth. This is a great source of liquidity that doesn’t require collateral or an investment on behalf of the participating credit union.

About CU Capital Market Solutions

CU Capital Market Solutions (CMS) has been serving financial institutions since 1989. CMS provides balance sheet advisory, portfolio reporting, asset/liability management reporting, investment education and consulting services to credit unions nationwide. Offerings encompass a variety of investment resources, including competitive trade execution and a wide range of analytical products. By focusing on credit unions, CMS has a thorough understanding of customers’ needs, the risks they face and the regulatory structure under which they operate.


Bill Mullally
Chief Marketing Officer