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CMS Non-Member Funding Program (NMFP)

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CU Capital Market Solutions is the exclusive provider of the CMS Non-Member Funding Program to credit unions nationally.

The NMFP provides qualified credit unions access to the $3 trillion institutional cash market via high-quality stable non-member deposits. In compliance with NCUA pass-through insurance regulations, NMFP allows low-income designated credit unions to receive non-member funding, up to 20% of their current share balances, in a quick and easy manner.

Non-member funding through NMFP is available to low income designated credit unions. This unique and proprietary program benefits credit unions by making available a new liquidity source to satisfy current liquidity needs. It’s a simple, easy-to-open account that will allow a credit union to access funds with one click or phone call. There are no start-up fees, maintenance fees, annual fees or participation fees.

NMFP strives to provide qualified credit unions with an efficient, reliable and proactive way to manage primary and contingency funding. Via a single standard business money market account, NMFP provides funding representing hundreds of AML/BSA pre-screened depositors. Your credit union determines the rate and funding levels that best suit your specific asset and liability strategy.

For more information call the CU Capital Market Solutions Funding Desk at 800-222-0978

Download the Non-Member Deposit Account Application Form

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CMS Non-Member Term Funding Program (DTC eligible CD’s)

Term funding arranged through the issuance of “DTC eligible” CDs for LICU’s. Terms available range from 3-months to 10-years. The issuance of DTC eligible CDs provides credit unions an efficient means to raise large amounts of non-member “term” deposits through the issuance of a single certificate. One master certificate represents each issue. DTC eligible CDs are held by the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and are part of a national book-entry market in which transactions are settled regularly. The Depository Trust Company is a member of the Federal Reserve.

CMS Proprietary FICA | For Credit Unions

FICA | For Credit Unions PDF

CU Capital Market Solutions FICA | For Credit Unions (“FFCU”) is a simple and powerful tool that allows your credit union to insure deposits in excess of the $250,000 insurance limit. FFCU provides up to $60 million in federal insurance coverage for your large commercial, non-profit, individual and local government Members. By applying the NCUA regulation for pass-through insurance, your credit union can attract large deposit Members, earn above average yields, expand Member services, and manage your liquidity all at the same time.

FFCU allocates your Members’ large deposits across its proprietary network, ensuring full federal insurance (NCUA & FDIC) on all deposits. FFCU provides federal insurance protection on deposits up to $60 million per tax ID, a competitive yield and no term restrictions.

With daily liquidity, FFCU is ideal for your credit unions overnight funds. Your credit union will earn attractive fee income your member balances, or your credit unions balance.

There are no set-up fees, maintenance fees or on-going fees of any kind.

For more information call the CU Capital Market Solutions Funding Desk at 800-222-0978

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