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Member Term Deposits


CU Funding Company (a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of CMS) will join your Credit Union as a Business Member and purchase up to $10M per quarter of 3-10 year CD's at rates comparable to FHLB Advances and generally below Brokered Deposits and traditional member CD's. Mitigate IRR and Improve NEV Test by laddering in term deposits in a rising interest rate environment.

Non-Member Funding Program


Non-member funding through NMFP is available to low income designated credit unions. This unique and proprietary program benefits credit unions by making available a liquidity source to satisfy current liquidity needs.



Brokered Deposits

Term funding arranged through the issuance of “DTC eligible” CDs for LICU’s. Terms available range from 3-months to 10-years. The issuance of DTC eligible CDs provides credit unions an efficient means to raise large amounts of non-member “term” deposits through the issuance of a single certificate. One master certificate represents each issue. DTC eligible CDs are held by the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and are part of a national book-entry market in which transactions are settled regularly. The Depository Trust Company is a member of the Federal Reserve.

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