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Manufactured Housing Loans

CMS is proud to work with one of the top consumer lenders in the nation to offer one of the most profitable portfolio available in today's market.

With the stringent lending criteria and turn-key operation, your financial institution will enjoy higher yields through high-quality secured loans.


Manufactured Home Loans  (“MHL”)  provide credit unions with a high quality asset, with an above average interest rate, to increase net interest income and provide broad diversification to credit union’s current auto and mortgage loan concentrations. The MHL provide a singular method for credit unions to purchase and participate in a diversified pool of loans with an above average yield and high credit quality.  A manufactured home loan portfolio provides nationwide geographic diversification. This high-yielding loan pool is now available to credit unions.  Credit unions and financial institutions have been investing in these types of loans since the 1950’s.

MHL Benefits Include:

  • 700 (Plus) FICO score

  • 400 basis points higher yield than comparable securities

  • 100% PRIME credit risk buyers

  • 50+ year track record

  • 125+ lending partners

  • Funded cash reserves held at your institution

  • 6.90% Average Yield

  • Full Servicing Available 

  • Specialized programs with rates up to 11.5%

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