Up to $25,000,000 per quarter per Credit Union

​The Capital Market CD (CMCD) is a new innovative program that provides your Credit Union with a consistent source of MEMBER TERM DEPOSITS.

There are no fees, subscriptions, collateral, long-term commitments, or minimums required to participate.


  • Member Term Deposits  that compliments your traditional member deposit base

  • Mitigate IRR and NEV Test in a rising interest rate environment

  • Support Longer Term Lending

  • Provide an Additional Contingency Funding Source

  • NCUA Legal Opinion – CMS, in collaboration with Hogan Lovells, has obtained a legal opinion from the NCUA, regarding the application of the NCUA’s share insurance regulations to the CMCD program.  The opinion can be found here:

  • Lower Cost of Funds – Rate on “member” CDs purchased will be competitive with FHLB advances and generally below brokered CD rates.

  • Extended Maturity – Term of CDs purchased range from 3-10 years.  Initial purchases will have a 5yr term.  CDs are purchased on the same date, and same terms for all Credit Unions.

  • Access to Large Term Deposits – The CMCD program offers Credit Unions access to a member- funding source larger than all existing Credit Union Industry deposits .

  • Exclusivity - CU Capital Market Solutions (CMS), a “CUSO”, is the only company able to provide this consistent source of “Member CDs” to Credit Unions.

  • CU Funding Company LLC will work with each Credit Union to determine how it can meet the individual Credit Union’s membership requirements.

  • CU Funding Company LLC will purchase CDs from participating Credit Unions at least on a quarterly basis.


Click to request the CMCD Webinar Presentation and CMCD White Paper


CMCD Program Participants

CU Capital Markets Solutions (CMS)-CMCD Creator & Sponsor

JP Morgan - Structuring Agent

Hogan Lovells US LLP - Legal Counsel & Program Regulatory Advisor

US Bank (NA) - Trustee and Collateral Agent

Jones & Keller, P.C. - Sponsor’s Legal Counsel

Fitch and Moody’s - Rating Agencies for CMCD notes


For more information please contact:

Robert Colvin          913.402.2616 

Daniel Skehan        678.960.2917 

Ryan Enright           913.402.2609 

Bill King                      678.960.2912 


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